10983385_10153296708340148_6287164203168107208_nWhat’s so BIG about Big Fish Gear fishing clothing?

If there was one thing missing from the angling trade, it was decent clothing. We’re not saying there was nothing on the market but there was no choice if you wanted to go from bank to street.
Us anglers don’t always want to wear green just because we’re fishing. Big Fish Gear gives you the style with all the conventional comforts. Fishing clothing designed by anglers.

Big Fish Gear’s range of T-shirts, hoodies, caps and hats brings fishing clothing up to date without compromising on the necessities when you’re on the bank. So if you want to go from the bank to the street without changing you’ve come to the right place.

Designed and manufactured in the UK by a small team producing limited edition clothing pieces of quality and style.